Midas is a unique series of objects, based on organic forms inspired by nature. 

During my research as a designer I was always drawn to nature - the different shapes, the shades and the colors, the strong feeling of being part of something that is bigger then me - these inspired the attempt to simulate the spacial forms of nature. 

In this collection I investigate the botanical aspect through organic elements such as succulents cactus and flowers, and preserves them by material manipulation called “Electroforming”. 

Electroforming is an old method of metal forming in which metal is grown by electrodeposition onto a substrate. The electrolytic bath is used to deposit metal (such as copper) onto a conductive patterned surface. 

The final pice is in factthe organic element that i start with made out of metal.

Using that technique I feel like preserving little pieces of nature, capturing moments in metaland giving them eternal life.

In my studio I suspend between the contradicting yet complimenting realms of art and design, employing skilled craftsmen and artisans for my delicate manufacturing process.

The Pieces in the collection are one of a kind, they are made of copper and then coated with gold or silver and come in different shapes and sizes, in limited editions.